Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

“I’m very grateful to have been introduced to Katie, she has created bespoke herbal medicines to support me through chemotherapy, an operation and radiotherapy. At times where I have forgotten to take my herbs I really notice a dip in energy levels and can honestly say the herbal remedies made for me by Katie have really helped me on my journey. Thank you Katie your amazing! X.” – Sue

“I went to see Katie when I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Although I did have western treatment (Chemotherapy and Radio therapy). I wanted something natural to compliment and assist my recovery. Katie is incredibly warm and caring, which I found so helpful as I was feeling scared and vulnerable. She researched all my treatments and the drugs I was taking and tailored my herbal tinctures to support my treatment and minimise the side effects. I am happy to say I am now cancer free. I wholeheartedly recommend Katie, she is one in a million.”Marie

“Initially, I went to Katie because I was feeling very run down. I wanted something to boost my immune system but also to soothe my nerves as I was suffering badly from anxiety, stress and panic attacks after being ill the year before . I found her relaxing to be around, I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. She is extremely thorough and left no stone unturned in figuring out what I needed. I’ve since been prescribed the most amazing sleep mix to help with insomnia and anxiety around sleeping. I had a tonic that helped with circulation (Raynaud’s) and helped to soothe my adrenal system day to day. Now I am being treated for hormonal changes, peri-menopause. I would recommend Katie to anyone who feels they need support that just can’t be had from a GP or that bit extra that can work in tangent with mainstream medication. She really knows her stuff from herbs to nutrition and more. I feel in very safe hands with Katie.” – Hayley

“I was recommended to Katie after I was diagnosed with Young onset Alzheimer’s disease. While the disease is currently incurable, Katie has provided me with tinctures which have greatly helped with some of the physical effects of the disease – difficulty sleeping, muscle aches and some short-term memory difficulties. It is such a relief to have her support. She is thorough and attentive.” – James

I first contacted Katie in 2020, after suffering a reoccurrence of peri-menopausal hot flushes and sleeplessness.  A colleague at work had forwarded a leaflet with the NIMH’s contact details.  Never having spoken to a medical herbalist before I didn’t know what to expect, but Katie was consummately professional taking me through a detailed history (by telephone courtesy of Covid-19).  She understood exactly what I was going through and prescribed medicine which has helped me enormously, eliminating the debilitating hot flushes.  Katie and I speak regularly, and I would thoroughly recommend her both as a medical herbalist and a genuinely nice person.  Best telephone call ever!” – Amelie

“I have been suffering from long Covid since July 2020 and experienced a variety of challenging and, at times, debilitating symptoms. The impact on my day-to-day life has been huge. Conventional medicine has been able to rule out concerns but not offered any solutions. I explored complimentary medicine and from early on Katie was able to explain how herbal medicine might be able to help.  Katie’s calm approach, ability to assimilate all of the information and determination to help find solutions have all been key factors to my gradual recovery. I would highly recommend using Katie and exploring options available in herbal medicine – it has been a complete game changer for me!” – John

‘Katie listens carefully and responds with a positive action  plan. I was seeking relief from ongoing bursitis pain in my hip and her herbal medication together with exercise worked their magic. It is reassuring to know that she remains available at the end of the phone”. – Carole

“Katie has helped me in the last couple of years for a variety of issues that I have had. After cancer treatment Katie gave me a tincture which was remarkable in aiding my recovery. I also used to have very painful periods as a result of endometriosis and fibroids.  Katie’s treatment has been life changing, reducing my symptoms and pain dramatically. I no longer have to plan my life around my monthly cycle”. – Cara